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Music has always been a part of our lives. Like other art forms, music can communicate across history, time, and culture. A song has the potential to stir emotions, inspire, voice, and in some cases give rise to social change. Music is universal, yet particular to each people’s culture, nation, history, lifestyle, and expectation, as expressed through traditional and modern songs. This diversity can give rise to understanding, and hopefully empathy. Summit Chamber Music Series hopes to foster the love of classical music, specifically this art form, to the next generation and beyond in our community.

We would also love Morgantown audiences to know that Classical Chamber Music can be as accessible and enjoyable as any other genre of music such as rock, pop, folk music. We believe in music’s ability to hone in on our humanity- the emotional center of who we are - and can provide joy, comfort, encouragement, hope, and peace to our community and the next generation.


All our artists from Season One have given masterclasses at WVU School of Music, and we are thrilled to continue the partnership and to have our artists share their expertise and artistry with the students at WVU. These masterclasses are publicized through the university and are free and open to students, university employees, and the public.

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Senior Living Facilities

We also present concerts at senior living facilities throughout Morgantown. Last season we gave several concerts at Village at Heritage Point & Harmony at Morgantown!

Are you interested in having us perform for you at your local schools, retirement homes, or your workplaces? Please get in touch with us! We would love to bring music to you!

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